We create a high competition with Ukrainian made cosmetics.

Виробництво косметики на замовлення

Production of cosmetics to order

Healthy Pharm Ukraine – is a high-tech enterprise equipped with modern cosmetic production lines …

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Виготовлення еко косметики

Making eco

The plant carries out a full production cycle: development of packaging design and formulation, quality control of cosmetics

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Українська декоративна косметика і побутова хімія

Ukrainian decorative cosmetics and household chemicals

Strong technical potential and a well-coordinated formulation process allow us to create our own brands

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Контрактне виробництво натуральної косметики

Contract manufacturing of natural cosmetics

Production capacity allows us to produce monthly up to 500,000 pieces of cosmetic products

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Who are we

Healthy Pharm Ukraine was established in 2015.

Our goal is to create a highly competitive Ukrainian natural cosmetic and high quality household chemicals. We are in charge of the full cycle of production, creating, developing and designing packages and recipes, preparing products and quality control.

Our experienced team and implementing the latest technologies in our plants allow us to carry out manufacturing high quality products. Advanced technology and unique recipes creates possibilities to fulfill our customers’ wishes according to Private Label.

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What and to whom we produce

We create and produce our own products for our own brands. The capacity of Healthy Pharm Ukraine allow creating variety of product in different range of price. Our constant developing gives us the opportunity not to limit ourselves to one category.

What does Healthy Pharm Ukraine produces:

• Antiseptics
• Care cosmetics
• Cosmeceutics
• Detergents
• Soaps and detergents
• Products for cleaning
• Medical cosmetic
• Care of oral cavity

You can order from us contract production of natural cosmetics and/or household chemicals from the mentioned categories.

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The benefits of cooperating with us

• We will produce for you a high quality products with unique recipes.

• We will provide you with support and any help necessary through all stages of our cooperation, starting from discussing your idea to the last step of having your product on the stores shelves.

• We are able to fulfill your orders fast enough thanks to our high production capacity. We are able to release 100 tones of professional cosmetics of various categories monthly.

• Working with us, will provide you to quickly gain the trust of largest retail chains and well-known brands in Ukraine such as Eva, METRO, Auchan, Makeup, IreneBukur, Imagelaboratory, Rodinna Marka, Quality Formula, Eco Mark, Unice, J ‘erelia, Prostor, Varus, “Architect of Beauty”.

• Our experienced designers can create unique packaging for your products.

• We working according to ISO 9001:2015 of 2018 standards.

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Our experience

Healthy Pharm Ukraine factory has a long and rich experience since 1943.

Since 1943 until 1965 it was industrial cooperative association called «Intrud» to be Healthy Pharm Ukraine in the future.

1960 – Thanks to the successful development of the cooperative association, it became a household chemical factory specialized in detergents, shampoos, hair sprays, polymeric containers and paints. 1970 – The factory was renamed the Zarya Kiev Household Chemicals Plant.

2003 – Zarya factory has made a powerful leap forward in the production of toothpastes. The plant acquired a new line for the production of toothpastes with a capacity of 25 million units per month. Bulgarian investments helped bring about the change. The assortment of available toothpastes – Megadent and Orbel – has also expanded. The plant produced a new curative and prophylactic type of Herbal pastes, and began producing a series of toothpastes for children.

2004 – The plant was renamed into JSC Concern Fresh Up. The production focused on the production of toothpastes and household chemicals. In addition, care cosmetics have been added to the range of products being released.

2017 – The plant is proudly renamed to Healthy Pharm Ukraine. Years of experience in manufacturing capabilities helps us to move forward, actively developing work with PrivateLabel and the plant is proudly named Healthy Pharm Ukraine. Years of experience in manufacturing capabilities helps to move forward, actively develop work with PrivateLabel, develop new recipes and give life to new brands and developing new recipes and give life to new brands.

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