Manufacturing service for the production of cosmetic products, household chemicals, tooth paste and mouth rinses.


«Healthy Pharm Ukraine» offers service to produce cosmetic products and household chemicals, tooth paste and mouth rinses, perfumes and antiperspirants.

We pre-pack, pack and label products, also we are engaged in product certification and recipe development.

We develop recipes for: cosmetic products, house hold chemicals, tooth paste and mouth rinses, perfumes and antiperspirants.

Different kinds of recipe options are available for our clients for different types of markets:

Mass market
Middle market
Professional cosmetics
Functional cosmetics
  • We have a great experience of making recipes of any complexity.
  • The recipe development is included in the price of the end-product.
  • The recipe development process is fully based on the client’s wishes and carried on in accordance with the technical requirements of a client.
  • Recipe adaptation service – this service allows clients to use our manufacturing facilities.
  • We use a broad base of perfume flavors, extracts, essential oils, vitamin complexes, fatty oils and other ingredients, also perfume compositions that are produced in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Great Britain.

Pre-packing and packing of the product

We provide pre-packing product and packing service. The product can be pre-packed to a tube, a bottle, a flacon with any of design complexity. Also, we pack product kits.

Product certification procedure

We mandatory certificate products and provide technical conditions. We:

  • receive a sanitary and epidemiological examination for products (hygienic conclusion)
  • draw up technical documentation and a declaration of conformity
  • get the barcodes
  • certify needed official documents of product conformity to quality standards, technical requirements, laws and regulations
  • get International Product Quality Certifications
  • give quality passports for each product lot

supervise all materials and supplies for product production from the start and do the final inspection of the end-product

control each supplies lot, check its safety and quality passports

provide expertise and product certification procedures in public expert institutions

maintain the archival notes of certified samples

Labeling cosmetic products, household chemicals, tooth paste and mouth rinses

We comply with the requirements of the product`s labeling in the text, on symbols and pictures, in barcoding.


We kindly invite you to cooperate efficiently with «Healthy Pharm Ukraine».