Joint workshop on creating new recipes with LLC «БІОХІМАКТ»

On November 20, 2020, Healthy Pharm Ukraine together with its partners «БІОХІМАКТ» LLC held a workshop on the creation and development of new recipes: shower gel, sulfate-free hand soap, hair conditioner and face cream.

This event took place on the basis of the laboratory of the development department of Healthy Pharm Ukraine. The main goal was to improve the skills of managers of «БІОХІМАКТ», which is the official distributor of German raw materials Clariant in Ukraine.

“We have a good partnership with «БІОХІМАКТ», we decided to involve their employees in the creation and development of new recipes. In the past, thanks to joint work, we have improved many recipes, expanded the range of our products. That’s why we found it useful to organize such an event, “Lyudmyla Zatelepa shared.


According to Lyudmila Zatelepa, who heads the development department, the process of creating recipes begins with the idea and search for appropriate components, studying their properties and effective action. Then, on the basis of this information, a framework recipe is created and the first samples are prepared for further testing of the finished product. The workshop worked out ready-made recipes recommended by Clariant, so the process was quite fast. For example, to spend a shower gel, spent about two hours. 14 components and 8 stages of preparation. The big advantage of this recipe was that it was made without heating. This saved costs for heating and further cooling of the product, as well as for cooking.


Unusual for the participants of the workshop was the development of the formulation of face cream, which included 12 components and included 7 stages of preparation. The cream group of cosmetic products is always considered to be one of the most difficult to prepare.

“Personally, I liked working with the cream group the most. This production fascinates me, it is more difficult, there is an opportunity to experiment with it. Of course, testing will show how successful our combination of components is today. I am sure that the main goal has been achieved. The level of qualification of employees is raised. They developed and worked out a number of recipes, got acquainted with the properties of each component. Therefore, they can easily and confidently distribute these raw materials, ”said Iryna Syomkina, head of the «БІОХІМАКТ» delivery and procurement department.


The partnership between Healthy Pharm Ukraine and Biochimact began on the first day of the plant’s establishment.

“We hold such meetings, because it is an additional opportunity to explain to suppliers how important the quality of each component included in the product is. It is also important for us to have feedback from suppliers and learn from them about new trends in the raw materials market, ”shared Oksana Proskurka, Head of Technical Control at Healthy Pharm Ukraine.

No less interesting and useful for the participants of the event was the preparation of sulfate-free soap, which included 10 components and 6 stages.

Zagrebelna Tetyana, Biochimact manager: “It was most interesting to see the appearance, because we do not come into contact with finished products. And the most useful for me were the procedures of input of components and communication with Lyudmila Zatelepa, who is the guru of creating new recipes. “

Olga Yushkevych, Sales Manager of Biokhimakt: “We advise technologists on the technical characteristics of raw materials. Therefore, working with our raw materials in the laboratory will give us better communication in the future directly with technologists in production. After all, we will now understand how this or that component works in practice. “

In addition to professional workshops, the Healthy Pharm Ukraine laboratory has previously organized master classes on creating shower gels and creams for the company’s employees and their children.

For Healthy Pharm Ukraine, customer focus and quality of raw materials is the basis of all products.

“Both internal and external product testing is carried out, all comments and wishes of customers are taken into account. That is why our products always meet quality standards and we are proud of them, ”said Ms. Lyudmyla Zatelepa.