Our skin needs proper care at different times of the year. In winter, we use more cosmetics with nourishing, regenerating and protective properties. And in the hot, sunny summer, the skin, first of all, needs sufficient moisture. But where does any skin care start? Of course, with cleansing. Before applying any cosmetic product, you must cleanse your face of makeup, impurities and sebum. This will help micellar water, milk for removing makeup, gel / foam for washing, selected for the type of skin. An excellent addition to the cleansing process will be the use of a moisturizing tonic or lotion, the main task of which is to restore the pH balance of the skin and prepare for subsequent care. In the summer, it is best to give preference to lighter textures as the main cosmetic product: cream-gel, serum, fluid with the declared moisturizing effect. This is provided by such active components as proteins of wheat, oats, soy, grape seed, glycerin, collagen, elastin, urea, aloe vera, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, and various hydrocomplexes. P.S. Did you know that the air humidity in an airplane during a flight is only 10%? To compensate for the loss of moisture during a 12 hour flight, you need to drink 4 liters of water !!! So bring your favorite moisturizer on board and fly on vacation with a beautiful smile and radiant skin.